Datong County Social Security Bureau to seriously carry out activities to Zhang Lili Wu Bin comrad

    County in accordance with the Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee "about to carry out a wide range of Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng learning activities of the notice" and the bureau Party committee of the relevant requirements, September 8th, focus on learning activities of all cadres and workers Social Security Bureau conscientiously carried out to Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, Gao Tiecheng three comrades.
will learn to convey the "Comrade Zhang Xuetian in the city’s grass-roots party organizations and Party members to strengthen social management and innovation in chuangxianzhengyou experience exchange meeting speech", focus on learning about the spirit of the central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee documents. The participants reviewed the comrade Zhang Lili and Comrade Wu Bin to students, fulfill their duties and guarantee the safety of the passengers into the high-speed rail flames burst resistance and rescue comrades deeds, and understand their life and upbringing, deeply understand the essence behind these deeds. Through the transmission of the advanced deeds of the three comrades, all the cadres and workers of the social security bureau have been inspired by the enthusiasm and motivation of the work. The advanced deeds of Comrade around the

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