Holland youth with Chinese milk powder only because of dissatisfaction with Chinese people in charge

recently exposed Holland youth in the streets with milk powder attacked the Chinese, said the Chinese may be in Holland to buy milk behavior dissatisfaction. This is a video uploaded to the Internet, many netizens condemned such acts.

25, a netizen posting said, 2 young people in Holland on the streets of Amsterdam looking for Chinese, and asked "do you want to buy milk?", then open the milk spilled over. The incident may be from the Chinese to buy milk in the local discontent. Most users in Holland to be criticized and condemned.

1 25, there are users in Holland Chinese website, "Hollywood" Post said, the Holland youth in the streets of Amsterdam, "looking for Chinese, and then they will ask:" do you want to buy milk powder? "" When you are not the answer, they opened the milk spilled over".

users in the post message said, two people called "Romme  Terbeek and Kenzo  Hanter". A little earlier, surging news in the Hanter (Kenzo ) Facebook on the home page to see the two homemade video, but the video on the account has been deleted.

, according to the video display, two people in the same way and has carried out 3 "milk attacks".

video has been issued, immediately aroused local users of discussion. Most users in Holland to criticize and condemn this behavior.

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