Fulfill their duties to reflect the public opinion of the province’s National People’s Congress care

attended the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the province on behalf of the 2 day arrived, to seize the precious time before, continue to revise the proposal to be well prepared to perform their duties, reflect public opinion.

this year is the first year the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the decisive stage, is "13th Five-Year" start of the year. To this end, the province’s representatives around the four comprehensive strategic layout, the development of the concept of ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and other aspects of the preparation of a number of constructive proposals for the motion of the five.

into what peak represents the room, he was writing desk, dedicated to revise a strengthening bilingual prosecutors training suggestions. In order to "good words, good sound", this year he will do a lot of homework before". From this year January, he went to the provincial education department, the provincial Procuratorate, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, prosecutors, researchers with related offices of the research and Discussion on strengthening bilingual training of prosecutors and other matters. "According to my understanding of the situation, the work of various types of education, procuratorate system in our province has achieved very good results, I will give them the good news to the National People’s congress." He Feng said.

Deng Xiaohui stands in the room, on the table, on the bed is the spread material. This year, he was in the field to understand the extent of the use of agricultural and pastoral areas of the Internet in Qinghai, the initial formation of the country to speed up the development of rural Internet recommendations. He said, so that the majority of rural areas and the city into the fast track of information technology development, promote the popularization and popularization of knowledge and skills of distance education, farmers and herdsmen can make use of scientific and technological information rich. In addition, he also prepared a proposal on the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote the depth of data applications and other aspects of the proposal.

in order to use the limited time to fully express their suggestions at the meeting, from the Guoluo prairie Nolde representative is carefully read the "CPC Central Committee on the thirteenth five year plan for national economic and social development of the proposal". He said, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is Gelsall cultural village, this year, he hopes Gelsall called for the strengthening of culture and tourism of the depth of integration.

Nimazo Mar on behalf of the preparation of a number of recommendations to improve people’s livelihood, ecological protection and other aspects. She said that pre-school education and vocational education, ethnic areas have a very important role. In recent years, Qinghai Tibetan region to strengthen pre-school education, has developed a series of security measures, a strong impetus to the rapid development of preschool education. However, there are still many difficulties and problems, such as insufficient school resources, weak teachers, and imperfect security system.

a piece of advice, a copy of the bill, condensing the painstaking efforts and wisdom of each representative of the province, involving all aspects of economic and social development in Qinghai. In this spring event, representatives of the province will fulfill their duties, fully demonstrated for the people speak, dedicated to the performance of the style.


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