Director of the provincial Office of civilization held

1 13, the office of the provincial Office of civilization held in Xining. Meeting to learn to convey the spirit of the National Conference of directors of civilization, review and summarize the work of last year, arrangements for the deployment of this year’s work. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister, director of the provincial civilization Committee Zhang Ximing attended the meeting, deputy governor, deputy director of the provincial civilization committee attended the meeting of Cheng Lihua.


meeting on the achievements and progress of spiritual civilization construction in our province last year has been fully affirmed, pointed out that this year is a crucial year for "13th Five-Year", to "four change" the idea of promoting the "four major solid" requirements throughout all aspects of the construction of spiritual civilization, for the rich civilized and harmonious new beautiful Qinghai construction cohesion a powerful force.

the meeting stressed that to deepen the study and understanding, with the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech to guide the construction of spiritual civilization, firmly grasp the cultivation and practice the socialist core values of the fundamental grasp of national civilized city in Xining as the focus of the creation and the "five star civilized households" create brand family civilization, focus Dianxingyinlu, create a bright spot for the people, the people, cultivating thrift, green environmental protection, advocate scientific fashion, with the spirit of innovation, the spirit of hard work to improve the quality and level of work, strengthen the organization and leadership of the construction of spiritual civilization, to ensure that the work carried out, with the excellent result to meet the party’s nineteen and thirteenth provincial Party Congress held a victory.

city state and part of the county Party Committee Propaganda Minister and director of civilization, provincial units, the provincial military and Armed Police Corps in Qinghai, the financial institutions, universities, large state-owned enterprises responsible comrades attended the meeting.


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