Datong County Xie Gou Xiang 220 poor students have a winter coat

in addition to the 220 cotton padded clothes, underwear, trousers, cotton boots, 220 poor students in Datong County Xie Gou Xiang had received for winter gloves, earmuffs, masks and other items, and bags, books, stationery and other supplies. This winter, they not only warm heart warmer.

October 26th, a theme of "warmth love student" large-scale public welfare activities held in Datong County Xie Gou Xiang center school, the activities of the company by the Qinghai branch of Ping An life together Xining club card benefits jointly held, aimed at students in poor mountainous area to send the most practical help. It is understood that the activities by the majority of people love attention since October 15th since the application, they love through fundraising, company contributions and the club funds, raise a total of 100 thousand yuan love money, buy winter clothing and stationery for 220 poor students. It is understood that the day of the launch of the spontaneous organization of the team will be sent to these schools, and distributed to the hands of each poor students. (author: Zhang Guojing)

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