Our province will accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles

Recently, the Qinghai provincial government issued the "speed up the implementation of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the program". The program pointed out that through three years, widely used in Xining, Qinghai Lake area pilot new energy vehicles more than 2000 vehicles, from 2019 to 2020 and strive to reach more than 3000, 5000 new energy vehicles to meet the operational requirements, the new charging pile 2000.

clear program of electricity, the enterprises directly reported to the grid connected power operating centralized replace electric power facilities, the implementation of the industrial electricity prices in 2020, before the temporary free basic electricity charging facilities; other price execution categories according to their location; electric vehicle charging facilities for implementation of the policy of peak valley Tou electricity. Electric vehicle charging facilities from the point of demarcation of the property rights to the grid connected to the network project, by the power grid enterprises responsible for the construction and maintenance, shall not charge the cost of the network, the corresponding costs included in the cost of electricity transmission and distribution network unified accounting.

3 years of Qinghai Lake in Xining province to promote the pilot more than two thousand vehicles  

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