Enjoy a happy life in the national fitness campaign

The lake race, crossing the the Yellow River extreme challenge, the international elite race walking, climbing, hiking the tower International International Archery elite competition events and other brand new event, let the world focus on the beauty of Qinghai.

Drive and influence of

in the city of Xining City National Fitness organization interaction activities, organized football, basketball and table tennis, badminton, rope skipping, shuttlecock, skating and other people play popular fitness activities;

guoluoprefecture held in horse racing, yak racing, the tug of war, national archery, with sandbags, Yajia and other traditional ethnic sports events;

Haidong city organized basketball, table tennis, archery competitions, student Games, games and other workers with local characteristics, has a broad mass base of national fitness activities;

Haixizhou held "2014 national adult swimming Invitational in Qinghai plateau · Delingha plateau; the first swimming elite challenge" activities;

Haibei national characteristics of theatrical performances and sports fitness combination;

Yushu Kangba Cultural Tourism Arts Festival and the Yushu Jockey Club launched statewide fitness activities to a climax;


inside the stadium, table tennis, badminton, basketball courts, exercise of citizens "fight" is fully and delightfully, enjoy the sweat.


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