The Spring Festival visit the temple of different kinds of taste

"The new year is getting boring." This has become a lot of people feel the spring festival. The Spring Festival next year the people of Xining will enjoy a festive meal have a distinctive flavour, because Xining will also have their own characteristics of the fair. It is reported that Xining will host the Summer Spring Festival cultural Temple City in 2014 during the Spring Festival, "with friends, goods fair flavor", from the first to the fifteen, we can see with his family to the fair folk snacks, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival outlook performance, guess lantern riddles…… After a traditional spring festival.

temple, has a reputation of "China people Carnival", traditional temple is undoubtedly the cradle and the stage of folk culture, some experts pointed out that the temple is now already is not only a cultural symbol, or a feast of cultural consumption. Beijing Longtan Temple Fair, Shanghai, Town God’s Temple, as well as the integration of the temple and the United States and the face of the United States Chinatown temple fair, often let us celebrate the holiday will be.

, sponsored by the city forestry bureau of Xining people’s Park and Kim seaman Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the 2014 Xining Summer Spring Festival cultural temple is scheduled for 2014 at the beginning of the month to month fifteen in the people’s Park held, this temple will especially introduce the essence of successive Beijing temple, the fusion characteristics of Qinghai folk culture, cultural taste will Xining and regional characteristics, national characteristics, folk performances, traditional food culture, arts and crafts exhibition and festival trade activities combine to give a drama festival for the masses.

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