The network evaluation of Xining cadre training

In March 11th, in the class of minority cadres in party spirit and comprehensive quality training of Xining municipal Party school, 45 trainees and teacher for the first time, the use of network education and training of cadres were evaluated.Network evaluation of implementation of

education and training of cadres, is the Party Organization Department to implement the "Regulations" of cadre education and training, to explore and promote the "Internet plus" in the background, with information technology to strengthen the education and training of cadres management innovation practice. Participating personnel through the mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code on the education and training of cadres evaluation page, evaluation of teaching, class, student evaluation, the main content for the curriculum theory depth, whether with practice, teaching methods, training students’ performance, attractive effect, attendance and other aspects of quantitative evaluation. The advantage of network evaluation is reflected in three aspects, one is compared with the traditional paper complete satisfaction questionnaire and student registration evaluation form, can save manpower and material resources, and greatly improve the work efficiency, to achieve paperless office". The two is a random one-time landing code for evaluation, the method is more simple, more objective and accurate data. Three is the use of the basic data form of the computer software system, on demand, cadre education and training curriculum, students’ performance were analyzed, strengthening the education and training of cadres in the education and training of cadres, strict management, inspection, training in identifying cadres provide a more accurate basis.



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