Xining legal aid network opened

in the future, people click on the Xining legal aid network (, will be able to consult with a lawyer and daily online to apply for legal aid.

recently, the reporter learned that, after more than three months of trial operation, the official website of Xining legal aid. It is reported that this website will adhere to the convenience of the people, for the people for the purpose of service, according to the needs of the public, creating brand column, develop brand activities, build brand service, enhance the overall legal aid website brand influence and visibility. At the same time, the establishment of online investigation, collect opinions and suggestions about the recipient of the masses, promote the legal aid work standardized and scientific. With the platform of legal aid network, Xining City Department of justice will interact with the community, to better achieve the "for overall service, justice for the people" goal, the legal aid website has become an important window for people to understand and supervise the judicial administrative work.

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