The county held a high quality of democratic life

Xining City, the county departments to ensure that the democratic life will reach high standards of quality, adhere to open the door to engage in activities, listen to opinions, pay attention to the "screen" after the door opened, removal of obstacles, let the masses to participate, please the masses to supervise and let the people to judge, to before the meeting under the foot control four winds identify the root cause of really tough action consciously picked up the weapon of criticism and self-criticism will move in, to enact reform legislation to solve the problem.

deepen learning and constantly improve the understanding. The county departments adhere to the deepening of learning, improve awareness enhancement in the first place, revealing problems, criticism of the ideological consciousness and conscious action, generally carried out more than 3 rounds of learning. Focus on the four winds identify outstanding problems identified. The county departments adhere to the full range of uncovering the four winds outstanding issues and the vital interests of the problem and the relationship between the people to serve the people last mile problem. Take the "three focus", the control rod revealing problems, layer perspective, repeated focus, to ensure that the problem and find out the butt, meet with people. Open your heart and talk about enhancing mutual trust. The county departments to talk to ingratiate themselves as a prerequisite and foundation of a good democratic life, adhere to the next effort before, and strive to talk through ideas, to talk about the problem of deep, the knot talks open. Deep analysis and writing materials. Outstanding problem oriented county departments and a member of the team, to enhance awareness of the problem, strictly control check material audit, insist on uncovering the four winds problem focused miss, did not respond to the problems left off, deep self analysis is not to let people see things, not thinking of the corrective measures are not spared, the place left off, through repeated enrichment, ensure the material control inspection deeply, really, in place. Serious criticism of a spicy in the end". The topic of democratic life meeting, the county departments directly under the team members self criticism not afraid ugly, do not evade the crucial point, do not make excuses for the problem; mutual criticism is not a circle, don’t beat around the Bush and hit the key, both among the comrades of the "human touch", and really criticized "the smell of gunpowder". Do some problems exposing flawed, stamp weakness, touch pain, comments, key point, grab the key, weight, the cop sweating, shocked.


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