The food and drug regulatory authorities this year will be four armed rectification illness

reporter in January 24th from the province’s food and drug supervision and management and clean government work meeting was informed that in 2017, the province’s food and drug supervision departments will strengthen the "four change" green governance governance new ideas, the implementation of food and drug "four most" requirements of "four armed" rectification "illness", to provide the food and drug safety guarantee for the construction of the "healthy Qinghai".

drugs, food, food, health food, cosmetics, medical equipment and the daily life of the masses are closely related. This year our province will focus on the regulation of "four armed" production and sales of counterfeit, adulterated illegal behavior; through product manuals, labels, advertising and other means of false propaganda and exaggerated the effectiveness and tampering with the shelf life of expired food, renovation resale fraud. To continue to carry out the cultivation of the source of governance, focusing on remediation of agricultural veterinary drug residues, antibiotics abuse, illegal use of highly toxic pesticides. To continue the implementation of school and campus surrounding and centralized food and beverage service centers, focusing on governance, two super one, meat products, dairy products, infant food and local specialty food. To promote the quality and safety of food and beverage to enhance. Ensure incoming quality of food raw materials, the implementation of risk self catering system; the implementation of the relevant standards, to prevent cross contamination; layers of clear responsibility for security, the implementation of the quality management responsibility; advocate catering service unit "Ming Liang kitchen stove" and "sunshine kitchen", "farm to table" the whole process can be traced back to increase supervision; efforts to severely punish all kinds of illegal behavior, to further increase the tourism food safety supervision, and effectively improve the "two small" field level.


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