Xining to promote the education of key projects

August 28th, the City Board of Education held in the fall of 2014 work meeting. The meeting summed up the work of the first half of this year, the deployment of the second half of the work. Reporters learned from the meeting, from this year, the city and strive to use 5 years to complete the education of key projects and weak school reform projects, and constantly promote the city’s rapid development of education.


the education system in the country and the province to vigorously implement the school safety project, the standardization of school construction projects, occupation education infrastructure project investment opportunities such as history, from this year, and strive to use 5 years to complete the 14 kilometer to the city, including 20 key projects of education of pre-school education, compulsory education, high school education, occupation education, school education, to further improve the basic education of Xining public service force. To improve school conditions, the relevant State Council plans to rely on the implementation of the plans from the year within the 5 years, 311 involved the combination of urban and rural planning and rural poor schools in poor areas of infrastructure, equipment, sports and life education teaching equipment, information technology and other projects. Our education system to promote the project construction process, to the present have been implemented and start the related education layout adjustment and standardization of school construction, occupation education, rural junior middle school project, pre-school education, rural weak schools and other 8 categories of 135 construction projects. We also do a good job in primary and secondary education and teaching equipment, complete the city’s 115 school teaching equipment procurement reporting.


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