Xining wild zoo snow leopard baby meet with visitors

two holidays, a nursery in Xining Zoo Wild Animal young, two snow leopard baby openly meet with visitors, don’t shy.

October 4th, zoo, a staff member told reporters that in July 20th this year, two snow leopard baby at the zoo snow leopard base, overjoyed came to the world.

snow leopard is a beautiful and endangered feline. Because the snow leopard lived in the vicinity of the snow line and the name, also known as grass leopard, leopard leaves. Because the snow leopard lives in the high altitude area, the domestic and foreign many zoos are trying to raise the multiplication, but the successful example is not many. 3 years ago, after the relocation of the Xining wildlife park to the new park, began to focus on breeding snow leopard, research and construction of a snow leopard breeding base. Through the efforts, the formation of a more mature snow leopard breeding population, at present, a total of 10 species of snow leopard.

at the same time, the Xining wild zoo to increase capital investment, improve the construction of the base, create more suitable for snow leopard breeding sites, and through various efforts, and in support of the Department of the province, Xining City, the establishment of artificial breeding populations, and the use of the environment and hardware facilities of snow leopard breeding base of its unique geographical advantages good, provides a powerful guarantee for the artificial breeding of snow leopard.

this spring, the mother leopard in noisy, the zoo to choose "womanizer" – male leopard Dabao and stir together, and the successful mating, pregnancy. Dog, Dabao couples "love crystal" – the two small snow leopard twins are born, soon to be made by the breeder Mike active play "Daddy", the guardian beside two baby all day and all night, and put them in my arms. Now, the little guy know Mike, see "Daddy" rivalry, in the hope of his Huailisa while Johnson, if there is a baby daddy holding too slow, will be rolling on. (author: Zhang Pu)

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