The opening of Beishan Forest Geopark Jingyun Scenic Area

in September 17th, after two years of construction, Xining Beishan Forest Geopark scenic area ushered in the opening day of food. Since then, the people of Xining have a good place for leisure and entertainment.

Mountain Geological Park Jingyun scenic area a total investment of 25 million yuan, is located in the Eastern District of Xining city road to Chu Jia Zhuang Jia Ying, is also the comprehensive management of engineering geological disasters in middle Beishan, a total area of 43.1 hectares. The construction project of Jingyun scenic spot is not only the Xining municipal government in 2010 as one of the tangible things, improve the ecological environment in Beishan area is the city of Xining, one of the key projects to promote the economic development of Xining. From project to project construction, obtained the attention and support of the provincial government, the city of Xining, in support of secretary of provincial Party committee of Beijing City, Qiang Wei, with the donation of 10 million yuan of funds, the project started construction in July 29, 2010.

Beishan Forest Geopark Jingyun scenic area planning by the combination of traditional and modern gardening practices, pictorial and freehand integration, cultural history of the ancient city of Beijing and the representative elements of the characteristics of Qinghai culture combined with the performance between the two cultural connotation, convey two deep friendship. The whole area is divided the main entrance area, peaceful area, Beijing green food culture display area, poetry source region of Sanjiang, the road construction, building, plant landscaping techniques such as attractions, the scenic spot has become the perception of nature, relax and feel Beijing Qingdao culture, growth experience and recreational tourism scenic spots. At the same time, Jingyun scenic area and Xining city this year to start the construction of the theme park project amidst the Beishan scenic area project, as well as in the planning of Kunlun scenic charm echoes, forming a high quality ecological landscape corridor and natural oxygen bar in the Beishan area, Xiping highway and Qinghai Tibet railway. (author: Wu Yachun)


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