West District Xining the third industrial development again good news

The West District of Xining city

to speed up the construction of "core area" of modern service industry as the starting point, based on regional trade, science and technology, tourism, culture and other advantages, adhere to the development of modern service industry to boost industrial format transformation and to enhance efficiency, is expected to increase in 2012 third industrial value achieved 14 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 14%, third industrial added value accounted for GDP the proportion of 90.8%, become the dominant driving force for economic growth.

since 2012, West District to build key areas of industrial clustering as the main line, and strive to promote the development of pillar industries to a new level. In order to build around the commercial pedestrian street lane as the axis of the city center business district, South commercial Xiang Jia Hao International Plaza, limeng commercial pedestrian street lane two engineering and other key commerce circulation service industry projects progressing smoothly, underground mall in Qinghai Xinhua Department store, Wangfujing department store and sunning Plaza will be built in the west. Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane was named "Chinese famous commercial pedestrian street"; build around the Lake District core business circle, Beijing New Hualian city complex to start construction; focusing on the construction of the province’s financial gathering area, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, Pacific Insurance companies have opened business, CITIC Bank located in the west, Bo rich small loans 7, Guoxin Investment Guarantees and other financial intermediaries into operation; focusing on the construction of urban culture and the modern tourism service area, improve the food and housing, travel shopping and entertainment and other tourist facilities, built in 21 small and micro oil Apartment Hotel, 8 small and micro hotel cash support funds 5 million yuan.

at the same time, accelerate the development of the real estate industry, Amanda garden, taihexiang Garden District, the rapid advance of the project, completed an investment of 590 million yuan; further active urban and rural consumption market, built Pengcheng farmers market and wo Shengyuan integrated farmers market, the basic circulation system is becoming more and more perfect. Carry out the "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, actively coordinating all kinds of Small and micro businesses loans 12 million 600 thousand yuan, the implementation of the provincial urban areas at all levels of financial support funds 21 million 970 thousand yuan, the relevant tax relief 6 million yuan, the overall increase in downtown pressure on the economy situation, the region’s new registered 670 enterprises to achieve rapid development of private economy. (author: Xiao Liu Tang Zhonghai)

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