Star of the talent contest finals

Xining is known as the "Xining local avenue of stars," the people of the star · meet weekend talent contest, will bring joy and surprise to the people of Xining! The evening of December 19th, the people of the big stage, the new Hualian Plaza jointly organized the new Hualian "people star factory" in 2013 the people star · weekend; annual talent contest finals will be staged at the Qinghai Grand Theatre shock. 9 local grassroots star will be in the fierce competition in the race winners.

in May 3, 2012, by the Xining municipal government to focus on building, Municipal Bureau of the implementation of the city’s cultural Huimin project – people big stage held the first show. Since then, the "people stage" based on the basic, service people, has accumulated more than 350 performances, the audience of about 3000000 people, has become a new cultural name card Xining public xiadou, happy camp, has been focusing on creating "people star · similar to the weekend" talent contest, "happy weekend meeting". Excellent performances, successful organization to undertake the "send special laughter" folk artists and other major project of the Ministry of culture of Spring Festival theme activities show, do the summer day show, winter on a theme show, successfully achieve the goal of cultural tourism and cultural projects that benefit the powerful combination of fusion development. To create a national public cultural demonstration zone in the city in the process of the big stage people will lead to further ethnic people to carry out a series of cultural activities rich and colorful, and make greater contributions to the construction of modern public cultural service system. This year’s finals were strongly supported by the new Hualian square, fully embodies the brand culture and the organic combination of well-known enterprises. (author: Wang Zi)


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