The big four early works FRST screenings

The eighth session of the FIRST Youth Film Festival opening soon, all screenings are ready, as a special screenings during the festival activities, "the master at the beginning of the" – NYU master early retrospectives is undoubtedly a heavy part. It is reported that this year’s "master at the beginning of the" special screenings will show include Ang Lee, Martin · within 4 days; Scorsese, Stone and Spike Oliver · · the four film master, Li in New York University School of student work, then, FIRST Youth Film Festival and the audience together. The youth. Enjoy those years belongs to the masters of the young.

cannot be denied by Ang Lee, Martin, Scorsese, Olivier · · Stone and Spike · Li composition of the "big four", whether in the ocean or in the snow covered plateau, are renowned, whether by "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" is Chinese people known as director Ang Lee, is committed to the maintenance of black life the civil rights of the film director Spike · Li, or the award-winning, Martin · Scorsese, achieve success and win recognition; Olivier · Stone apprentice two people, have by virtue of their work in the history of the world electric left a thick and heavy in colours.

and when we are in their youth, when their students work, we not only in the year following the sound of the masters is also in the wake of drip imprinting, younger filmmakers do not forget the original intention, then, that the audience not only from the masters that works out in search of the sound later classic sight, too for many years they were the same artistic obsession and deep admiration.

from the beginning of July 23rd, the four masters retrospective of the work will continue in a number of theaters in Xining for 4 days of a total of 6 tour screenings, then, from the four hall director of 7 student work will bring more than 4 hours of film feast for the audience.


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