Railway West Station social vehicle parking put into trial operation

after a month of intense construction, the train station parking lot by the city Department of transportation construction in October 1st began trial operation, running from ten days of the situation, the effect is good, the train station traffic order has improved remarkably, the pedestrian and vehicle travel orderly.

two 0 August 22nd 2011, the municipal government set in train station organized remediation station traffic order on-site office meeting: in order to solve train station station social vehicle parking, resulting in traffic order is chaotic, the original 2 parking lot as a rental car special parking lot, in the sea south of the two lane road along the East extension segment to build a social vehicle parking lot. After I received the construction task, special arrangements, contact design, construction units for construction. In August 28th, the construction unit approach started, in support of the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Lake District Management Committee, the city traffic police detachment, city construction design institute and other units, to overcome the disadvantages of large area site water, boiling, after a month of hard work, completed in September 30th. The new parking lot has 346 parking spaces, duty room venue built police, transportation management, urban management and other units. Two lane along the extension of the new bus port is also completed and put into use, to solve the problem of road traffic congestion along the extension of the two lane road.


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