Xining city finance to serve the new countryside construction

Reporter recently learned from the Xining City District Finance Bureau, this year, the Council will support the new rural construction as the focus, the integration of all aspects of the project funds to help the area Chen Jia Yao Cun hull.It is reported that this year the city of

, District Finance Bureau in the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, combined with the actual, village system, on the basis of full investigation, the integration of all aspects of the project funds, the implementation of the relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation project in new rural construction Chen Jia Yao Village area, and as of this year tangible things and "military enterprises build a model village" project, the Bureau of Finance invested a total integration of project funds 28 million 458 thousand and 900 yuan for the whole village relocation project, the project has a total investment of 27 million 36 thousand yuan of funds. The project since May began, at the end of November, Chen Jia Yao village the whole village relocation project has been completed 98%, completed 109 housing construction completed, the wall area of 98% power grid project home decoration, the rate reached 100%, water supply and drainage system, road hardening have been completed, 3300 square meters of the cultural square has been fully completed and put into use.

then after completion of the project will improve the production and living conditions in the village of 420 people, the construction of new village will be built around the leading demonstration village, to further highlight the village to promote new rural construction work level. (author: 1)


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