Provincial provident fund center to facilitate the policy

Two build a chapter, for the extraction of provident fund workers to save a lot of things. To further simplify the housing accumulation fund business processes to facilitate the work of workers, since October 1, 2015, the extraction of individual housing provident fund and housing provident fund loans to apply for, do not require the unit audit seal.   

extraction workers individual housing provident fund and provident fund for housing loans, are not required to audit sealed unit. Workers to extract individual housing provident fund, no longer fill in the "Qinghai housing provident fund extraction approval form"; commissioned by the housing provident fund, no longer provide authorization "power of attorney".Before

here, a table in addition to extract approval to fill in personal provident fund account, the unit provident fund account and extraction reasons to fill in, even if the couple sealed units, extraction of provident fund, need a couple of sealed units, for some busy workers, to spend a lot of time stamp back and forth. "I have a lot of housing provident fund for easy, do not need to run to the unit. So for our sake, warm heart." Housing fund management center in the province to apply for housing provident fund loans, Ms. Wang said.  

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