Xining development and Reform Commission to build a remarkable effect

this year, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission to give full play to the functional characteristics of the work, and actively carry out activities to build the South Gate of the village of Huangzhong, the successful implementation of the task of building, and achieved remarkable results.

build activities, on the one hand actively seek special funds on the province, on the other hand to coordinate the city, county departments, units, co-ordinate all aspects of resources, the formation of a joint force. After active coordination, determined to implement 14 South Gate Village on village renovation, contiguous rural environment remediation, agriculture, river and other projects, a total investment of 5 million 360 thousand yuan. As of now, the South Gate Village 80 reward housing tasks have been completed, 30 dilapidated are being transformed; the former village committee office into 3 "Five Guarantees" homes, village committee office and village square is under construction; agricultural project has successfully implemented; and the contiguous rural environment remediation toilet other projects have been included in the provincial and municipal project plan, to be issued after the implementation of funds.

is currently the construction enterprises to actively participate in the construction of the Yellow River hydropower, recycled aluminum company invested 550 thousand yuan to carry out the village committee office building, Qinghai Wangfujing Department Store Co. Ltd. is a village primary school donated learning activities, to make a contribution for the construction enterprises to promote the prosperity and development of rural. (author: Shi Fei)

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