Xining West District thirty million Hui on the overall development of new agricultural kanatsuki mil

The general idea of the West District of Xining city

around the city, relying on the development of rural areas and service city, wealthy farmers, the arrangement of the "three rural" funds 31 million 670 thousand yuan, the full implementation of the preferential agricultural policy, so that the majority of farmers in agricultural engineering benefit.

this year, west district seriously organize the implementation of the "sunshine project" and "agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology training project, increase the landless farmers labor skill training and re employment guidance organization, guide farmers to construction, business services, property management and other two or three industrial transfer, continue to broaden income sources. The development of urban and rural labor skill training 2541 people, to guide the employment of rural labor force 2230 people, rural labor employment income 11 million 423 thousand yuan; push forward the Lake District landless peasants resettlement work, Peng Zhai, Han Zhuang, Liu Village resettlement village has been completed, the resettlement of farmers Village East, the fire was basically completed, the Lake District comprehensive resettlement the district is under construction. In the case of limited financial resources, raise funds, invested 280 million yuan to improve the village resettlement area supporting infrastructure, to create a livable environment for landless peasants; vigorously promote the quality of agriculture, build pollution-free vegetable base, support Huoshaogou breeding base development. Accelerate the transformation of agricultural water conservancy facilities, the completion of the safety of the liberated area and the surrounding environment remediation project. Combined with the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, the implementation of the village remediation in 13 administrative villages in the region, complete road hardening, greening, landscaping, equipped with new type of buried waste transfer station and sanitation facilities in new residential placement. Attaches great importance to solve the problem of geological disasters, the fire ditch there is a serious safety hazard in Palm Bay, lake and Yinshan sink ditch hall landslide hazard comprehensive remediation, effectively protect the safety of people’s life and property. (author: Xiao Liu Tang Zhonghai)

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