Public when traffic lights traffic police department at the crossroads still need to demonstrate

looked at the opening soon, who lives in the provincial capital of sunshine District white Qingyun began to worry, "Nanshan Road and Phoenix Road crossroads no traffic lights, because the working relationship can not pick up the child, a child to school time, my heart in his throat".

Bai Qingyun’s children go to school in the wells Lane Primary School, because of their work, the couple failed to pick up the child, "last year, the relevant departments to set the vehicle signal lamp slowly near the school, but there are few slow vehicles." Bai Qingyun said, Phoenix Road is a road, a vehicle brakes on a rainy skid, "when the children go to school every day on the road, looking at a lot of traffic coming, crossroads and no traffic lights, I do not feel at ease at work".

February 10th, Xining city traffic police detachment responsible person, according to the city traffic planning, traffic lights installed not only to study the transportation infrastructure, investigate the car traffic flow and pedestrian traffic, but also by experts, through the design unit design, can be installed. At present, the provincial capital 388 blocks need to install traffic lights, the relevant departments will select the flow of local traffic lights installed according to the financial situation and the pedestrian and vehicle traffic, Nanshan Road and Phoenix Road crossroads is also taken into account.



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