The West has added 7 new health huts

Into a room, the environment is elegant, equipped with a full, free inspection." This allows people to evaluate such a high hut is not an ordinary hut, it is the West District in 2013 as one of the projects of the health of the housing project. The west area of the area based on the original health hut again on the new community, Haiyan Road East Kunlun Road community, Park Lane community, Jia small community and other 7 healthy hut. Healthy cottage project is one of the characteristics of the community health service center. For the convenience and improve the management of chronic diseases, this year the west area fully absorb the successful experience of the West Community Health Service Center Health hut, built the medical equipment based on information management platform for data health hut 7, for free and open area residents. Cabin environment elegant, reasonable layout, the interior is equipped with a variety of testing instruments, residents can get self height, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis detection, and many other self-service health examination. Easy operation of the detection instrument, residents in the health hut free to enjoy self-service health services, real-time understanding of their health status, so early detection of disease, early intervention, early treatment. December 30th, the reporter saw 5 elderly people in the West community is preparing to check the body. Tang aunt smiling to the medical staff said: "again, check out these days what changes in blood sugar." Said to stand on the test instrument, soon completed the blood sugar and blood pressure detection items. When a reporter asked aunt how much money this time, she said no money, free inspection. It is understood that since the Western City Xiguan community health service center, the official operation of the cottage, with the community’s propaganda and residents of word of mouth, health hut has been familiar with the surrounding residents and recognition. Health hut received an average of 10 residents per day, an average of every resident to check 3-4, nearly a total of 1 years to receive a total of more than 1 thousand and 200 residents, a total of more than 2 thousand and 600 passengers, more than 4000 inspection items. Residents to receive a physical examination of the health of the residents can also be self inquiry machine, SMS, print and other ways to fully understand the health examination data. At the same time, the cabin equipment for health medical examination of the residents formed the detection results analysis, trend analysis graph can be confirmed by the control indexes of the community residents, and generate individual health guidance and management scheme for it.  

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