Wang Guosheng chaired the Sanjiang National Park pilot system leading group meeting stressed the pos

9 14 afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the Sanjiang National Park pilot system leading group meeting.

, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng attended.

The meeting heard the

source of Sanjiang National Park Logo collection selection, ecological management and protection of public positions, and promote the implementation of 10 management approach (scheme) and to formulate national park of America Canada investigation report of the deployment of the work.


meeting held in March this year, the central office and the office of the State Council issued the "Sanjiang national park system pilot program" since the whole province to actively explore and innovate, and made preliminary progress in ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and system innovation, pilot work to achieve a good start. At the same time to see the results, but also to see the outstanding problems in the pilot work. Sanjiang is China’s first pilot national park system, there is no ready-made mode for reference, to explore, practice, summary, and to push the pilot work in the forefront in the practice of the construction of ecological civilization.

meeting stressed that all localities and departments, in particular, to bear the Sanjiang source of the national park system pilot counties and departments comrades to strengthen learning, active exploration, and strive to adapt to new requirements, accelerate institutional innovation. To speed up the development of the overall plan, to explore the practice of multi rule one, planning to reflect the scientific nature, guidance, authority. To strengthen the support of science and technology and personnel, personnel training and personnel training, the implementation of sub categories, sub levels, sub batches of training programs, to promote the development of a number of talents in Colleges and universities. To strengthen exchanges, broaden their horizons, active learning advanced experience at home and abroad, to enhance the level of national park construction and management. To accelerate the construction of transportation, communications, protection and other infrastructure sites. To highlight the regional characteristics, well-designed layout, generous planning, high standards of construction. To actively docking report, for the central government to increase financial transfer payments to the National Park and project funding support for the pilot system to provide strong protection. The management and protection of ecological public post assessment should be strengthened, and solid duties, play a role. To coordinate linkage, straighten out the relationship, to form a concerted effort to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the state, county, township and the majority of cadres and the masses, to explore the experience of building ecological civilization, and write a new chapter in the beautiful China Qinghai.

Zhang Jianmin, provincial leaders Ma Shunqing, Wang Yubo, Yan Jinhai, Gao Hua, Sanjiang Province source pilot national park system members of the leading group, Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture, state government responsible comrades attended the meeting.


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