For some family members of the deceased standard

In order to further enhance the security level of some entitled groups in our province, to ensure the implementation of preferential policies, agreed to report to the provincial government, the provincial finance department in conjunction with the provincial civil affairs decided to raise the object of some family members of our province pension and living allowances from October 1, 2013 onwards.The object

the adjustment and standard is: the disabled soldiers (including disabled people’s police and staff of state organs, the disabled disabled workers militia) disability benefits according to the classification standard of the 15% increase; families (including sacrificed soldier survivors, survivors of deceased soldiers) of the scheduled pension standards in our province based on current standards in accordance with the national increase the amount of 50% of the adjustment; in the township veterans of the Red Army veterans (including Township Road army of the Red Army, the Red Army lost personnel) living subsidies increased 15%; to increase the living allowance of $50 per month in the rural old demobilized soldiers; the sick veterans in their hometowns and the "two parameters" (retired personnel. The original 8023 personnel, and other nuclear tests in retired military personnel) increased 35 yuan monthly living allowance; the rural old party before the founding of the Communist Party and the China did not join Enjoy the old town of retired members of the living allowance increased 35 yuan per person per month.

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