Commemorate the 30 anniversary of the open letter published in Xining held a large scale theatrical

September 16th, the city population and Family Planning Commission at the provincial people’s Theatre held a memorial "on the control of population growth caused by the Communist Youth League, the open letter published" 30 anniversary "Kangfu home action" large-scale theatrical performances.

September 25, 1980, the CPC Central Committee issued the "open letter about the problem of population growth control to all members of the Communist Party and the Communist Youth League" (hereinafter referred to as the "open letter"), called on the Communist Youth League, take the lead in the implementation of a couple one child, also called for the implementation of delayed marriage and childbearing. The "open letter" published in the critical moment of population development in our country, is an important symbol of the full implementation of the family planning, is the milepost of China’s population and family planning work in the history, but also a major event in China’s reform and opening up and modernization history. In order to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the publication of the open letter, the city population and Family Planning Commission held in September 16th to "solve the population problem, create a harmonious and happy family" as the theme of the theatrical performances. Show 12 wonderful programs and a vivid display of 30 years, the city population and family planning work in the correct leadership of the municipal government, in the majority of the city’s planning cadres and people’s unremitting efforts, in order to ensure the brilliant achievements of the city’s social stability and economic development efforts to create.


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