Firm pace to enter the ecological landscape garden city

"13th Five-Year" period, Xining will build a core ring in Shuangcheng, another development "city ecological landscape pattern! March 15th, the municipal Party committee and government held a mobilization meeting of the city’s urban and rural greening in spring, the meeting noted that the successful creation of the National Forest City, for both of us to encourage and spur, both honor and responsibility. At present, we are still far away from the vision of ecological landscape garden city, all regions and departments should be more resolute attitude, more effective measures, and constantly promote urban and rural ecological construction to a new level. For the construction of the national ecological civilization in the first demonstration base, the construction of "happy Xining" to make greater contributions., deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, political and Law Committee Secretary Su Rong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice mayor Jin Jiuchen made arrangements for 13th Five-Year and 2016 work of forestry ecological construction in our city.

"13th Five-Year" target:

construction of new urban ecological layout


meeting is clear, "the general idea of our city forestry ecological construction work in 13th Five-Year" period is around the municipal "12315" overall goal, on the construction of national ecological civilization first demonstration base, deepen the reform of forestry construction in Xi Bao, Huangzhong County as the center of the ecological green core, two north-south mountain and mountain city (Lajishan mountain, mountain, Daban mountain) barrier along the Huangshui River, Beichuan River, Nanchuan River six rivers bank "green ecological corridor" as a core two screen three corridor "new city ecological layout, realize the forest coverage rate and coverage rate of urban landscaping and ecological stability and sustainable growth double reinforced.

the main targets are: to construct four forestry system (good material circulation system of forestry industry, biological diversity, functional forest ecological system and beautiful environment of the living environment system, ecological priority ecological culture system), the National Garden City, National Forest City created based on the results, and actively create a national ecological garden city. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the forest coverage rate reached more than 35%. Built-up area green coverage rate remained at 40% or more, per capita park area to maintain more than 12 square meters.

how to do this year:

implementation of ecological green core and other key projects

in 2016 the city will strive to create ecological landscape garden city, to promote the work of the nine areas, so that the city’s new Zengcheng area of 40 hectares of green. Urban green coverage rate remained above 40.5%, the per capita park area is maintained at more than 12 square meters, the forest coverage rate of up to 33%.

actively bid for the twelfth China International Garden expo.

starts to build the ecological green core project in the west of Huangzhong county. We will do a good job in the preparation of the overall planning of ecological green core projects, and actively carry out the preparatory work, and strive to build the city of Huangzhong as the center of the West Fort Forest Park.

vigorously carry out the work of the unit garden greening. By planting seedlings, see seam insert green, three-dimensional green, build green demolition, chaiqiangtoulv;

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