Municipal government pledge to polluting enterprises

First, all enterprises must strictly abide by environmental laws and regulations, in compliance with law is not what the level, size, value, how much tax, how much public private, any special "enterprise citizen", who, who who is respected by the law support, who condemned the illegal one. Those who break the law who punished and sanctions. Second, enterprises should take full responsibility for the emissions of pollutants, for their behavior to assume social responsibility, legal responsibility, the main responsibility to fulfill pollution control, does not allow prevarication, procrastination, wrangling, cope with, do not allow the pollution "talk", than a real, this year the task of governance has the need to clear to the deadline to complete the hundred-percent. Third, the discovery of all illegal sewage behavior to take ‘zero tolerance’, severely punished, severely punished, severely crack down on." In September 2nd, the municipal government held a key industrial enterprises in pollution control projects will be interviewed, mayor Wang Yubo on behalf of the municipal government, to 22 enterprises to participate in the interview meeting of the legal representative and the pledge of all enterprises.

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