A battle without smoke Xining trade and industry to investigate a drug sales points

The mysterious

tracking day at 8:30 pm, Kangle Village intersection stopped a bus, some old man rushed the car, they have led the grandson, some with fruit, due to too many people, a dozen elderly failed to get in the car, they looked very lost, an old lady said: "it is and I’ll slow step, otherwise it will get on the car." 8:40, the bus set off. On a bus, a van followed, after a few minutes, van speed diminished, a Chery QQ and followed up for a while, an SUV will be Chery QQ off, so the three wheels for the following bus. Finally, the bus stopped at the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County sub River Shun Yue Hui folk tourism building style garden door, down a man and a woman and two young people on the bus, with the old people in the park, the bus headed straight to the chase. See all the people on the bus into the style park, Chery QQ and SUV also followed, the van stopped at the door, then came a santana. The first person to meet the car down, then there are two people into the garden, the remaining two people on the train waiting.

months of waiting for the old people to enter the garden, was brought to an open Pavilion below, after a brief rest, we began to garden. The men and women who organized them began to chat with the old. Has been followed by these elderly people who are in the garden, they do not seem to know each other, but are closely watching the old people’s movements. About twenty minutes later, several people sat down in a place nearest to the big pavilion. It turned out that these people are law enforcement officers of the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, they received a report to the elderly to sell drugs, after careful arrangements to track this. At 10:30 pm, the old people is that of a man and a woman to the rooms, rooms window hanging on to write "and clearly allows you to stay away from the" cardiovascular disease "banner, the banner to cover the lower part of the window, the young man had been patrolling outside, people outside the room simply can not understand what do what inside. An hour later, vaguely heard from the outside inside the contents of the relevant drugs.

assault check 12:30 Xu, there are elderly people come out from the inside room, they are holding a copy of the color promotional leaflets. At this point, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers rushed into the room began to surprise checks. In the private room, the young man was dressed in a white coat. He is trying to measure blood pressure for a boss who is registering several elderly people. A slightly older man is a partition to an old man to diagnose the disease, the table is placed on a few boxes of heart and brain clear soft capsules, the elderly are holding a promotional leaflet. Everyone was surprised to see the business men in. An old lady rushed to the industrial and commercial personnel, said: "a few days ago, they lied to me that their drugs can cure heart disease and diabetes, I bought three boxes, after eating, and then pull and spit, I’m dying." Then there are several old man to the industrial and commercial personnel grievances.

Professor brainwashing thing turned out to be like this: these elderly people living in Taining garden, 24;