Bright spring festival Huangyuan county to solve the problem of more than 400 households blackout

New Year’s Eve night, Xining County of Huangyuan city in 70 minutes, to solve the power problem of more than 400 households, to the masses a bright and warm spring festival.

22:10 on February 7th, Huangyuan County Propaganda Department staff on duty received a public telephone, that the Chengguan town of Huangyuan County Water District Heights in February 7th and has been in power state, more than 400 households to the normal life of the holidays. The county government leaders immediately organized the electric power company, housing construction bureau and other departments, and deployed 14 professional and technical personnel electrician, comprehensive inspection repair work of the district power supply and fault, at 23:20 comprehensive electricity, to ensure that the community during the holiday season and the security and stability of power grid safe and reliable electricity.

high speed and efficient handling of the repair process, showing the Huangyuan during the festival to protect the lives of the masses. Stick to frontline staff with loyalty, responsibility and dedication to build a line of security lines to ensure the normal needs of the people in their daily lives.