On the property market is Xisan Su Ning squeeze or list

although the living standard has been greatly improved, but the high prices and people’s income is not proportional, so many people want to buy can not stop. China Index Research Institute yesterday released the November 2016 hundred city price index shows that regulators closely monitor the 16 key cities house prices rose further narrowed in October. I into the statistics of 17 city house prices in November 13 rose 2 level or 2, the purchase of the Su Ning Xisan city have been squeezed out or top ten, but Nantong and Changzhou prices rose ", the Nantong housing prices rose to catch up from behind" in the first 100 city.

this round of real estate regulation, including the north of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing, including 16 of the rapid rise in prices in the early days of the city, was listed as the focus of supervision. According to reports, in October the introduction of intensive restriction, credit limit and other regulatory policies and achieved preliminary results on the basis of the beginning of November, the Ministry of housing part of the city real estate regulation work meeting held deploy, ordered 16 key city real estate regulation "can not loose, prices should be stable at the current level, it is October compared to the chain can not rise, otherwise it will be accountable.

11 month 16 key cities to further introduce various types of policies to stabilize the market is expected, the property market regulation effect has been consolidated and deepened. Su Ning Xisan not only strict control of mortgage, also slowed high land transfer, to avoid "the most expensive land effect", while strengthening market supervision, and other illegal acts against real.

Nanjing limit policy continues to be strictly enforced, more news that the high price of real estate does not allow the release of the market, so rare in November more than 25 thousand yuan price listing. "Low price" Chung City, to meet the objective needs, but also conducive to stabilize prices. November Nanjing new house turnover of less than 7000 units, a record low for the past 5 years, indicating that once active investment demand in the context of the purchase of credit limit is fading out of the property market.

refers to statistics on the 16 key city house price discovery, November 16 city new home prices rose in October compared with increase has narrowed, for example: Guangzhou Shenzhen four first-tier cities housing prices rose in October were down 0.42, 0.21, 1.19 and 0.47 percentage points, Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi in November prices rose in October were down 0.01 and 2.66 percentage points and 0.90 percentage points. Nanjing second-hand housing prices in November rose 0.89 percentage points lower than in October. According to the reference data, the focus of urban housing prices have been achieved regulators put forward in the current level of stability requirements.

specific to the province’s 17 cities into the statistics, Nantong became the province’s housing prices rally in November the most obvious city, new homes rose by 2.71% qoq. It is understood that the Nantong inventory to quickly, to 11 recommended

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