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delicious food and snacks, in our lives, has always been a very choice for the development of the market space. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business catering industry, is a very wise choice! So, food and beverage snacks store 10 brands?

Hyun Kung Fu snack car thousand yuan shop models optional

What are the top 10 brands of food and beverage snacks in

? Open a restaurant franchise, effort and money to do food and beverage, of course, to choose a good restaurant brand. We collected the most popular snack food store 10 brands, a good brand image is more conducive to the restaurant business will be more stable business. And the 2014 annual Top 10 brands catering stores have? Inside together with small


20147 food and beverage store 10 brands! 1 KFC

Kendl Kicken de Ki’s business philosophy is to continue to introduce new products or market products in the past re packaging, for game mentality, to gain the profits.


KFC has "high restaurant" and "cheap restaurant", all coupons printed on the "price" is "cheap restaurant" price, "high restaurant" the single product price will be 10% higher than the "price".

food and beverage franchise top 10 brands ranked five

KFC belongs to Yum group. Yum is the world’s largest food and beverage group, with more than 3.3 stores and over 840 thousand employees in more than more than and 100 countries and regions. Owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (have been closed at home on October 2007), East Dawning (Chinese restaurant) and other world famous food brands, respectively in cooking chicken, pizza, Mexico flavor food and seafood dining area ranked first in the world.

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