Two pot catering to join the advantages of multi creative business

as everyone knows, on the market today, young people are the main consumption in the two pot, distinctive positioning, the main youth catering business opportunities, creating a new era of creative catering, many entrepreneurs have a good two pot join prospects, so how the two pot?

now, a lot of people are most interested in, what are the two young people to capture the exclusive secret? How to carry out a vigorous marketing for young people? What are the changes in the demand for food for young people? Restaurant Association in the two pot founder Liang Jing found there are three key words: Super symbol, scene upgrade, participation.

two pot founder Liang Jing, who said the restaurant sector female version of the Wang Sicong. With the majority of people living by catering industry is different, from a small house and car, grew up studying abroad, Liang Jing is a veritable beauty rich two generation.

such a growth environment, it is clear that she is better understanding of young people, social become a function of the restaurant. Liang Jingzi found that the code to communicate with these people. The common characteristics of these young people is the trend of the Korean wind and pop star culture, like the high force grid + the ultimate product. 90 is in need of a partner or partners to show what a few photos out of the ordinary self will make them more face, rather than a good meal and reverent and respectful waiter."

super symbol, scene upgrade, participation

has super creative super symbol, help bring incredible sales force, like McDonald’s capital M. To this end, Liang Jing replacement upgrade a new recognition of the special high marks. When you walk through the dense district, who do not remember the brand, but there is a big 2 word marquee is very eye-catching, many young people love the front camera.

into the store, just like into the film, young people feel fresh and have a sense of substitution. Giant doll bear is the favorite Korean fans props, the lamp above the seat made the head of the film shooting, as well as the favorite star of the star favorite makeup mirror. On the wall of the store design of the Korean drama map, marked above the Korean drama of the various sites, and according to the change of the Korean drama at any time to update the design, each shop is not the same.

In order to meet the

and mobilize 90 experience and sense of participation, Liang Jing planned a "beauty BOSS Seoul lose diary" video shoot. She led the female fans to visit South Korea tide delicacy in the play, the most visited Seoul quest trend of the most delicious delicacy, shooting the scene with Korean star "back to you from the stars" Korean romantic drama plot common imitation. Recorded drama in various restaurants to play, it is easy to bring customers into the drama scene.

90 like high color value, once like >

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