nvest in a Hot pot Chuan arrogant need how many money

the world has never been a success, and the success of the people have a most essential feature is a forward-looking, as well as the opportunity to seize the action. Catering entrepreneurs are the same, although it is not an easy thing to do business, but there must be a shortcut to know how to make good use of. Choice of food and beverage brands will undoubtedly allow you to get twice the result with half the effort. Recently, there are many investors consulting small series of information on the entrance of the pride of the hot pot, Sichuan hot pot is how much?.

How much money does

invest in a hot pot?

"healthy, delicious, fashion, classic" Sichuan is proud Hot pot adhere to the business philosophy, and now many brands to flaunt their Hot pot with other brands, or add a variety of spices, or will the funds are used to do publicity, and no funds will be used in the food itself. The Sichuan arrogant hot pot is very focused on the improvement of taste, in the process of continuous development of science and technology and innovation, is committed to providing consumers with nutrition and health, delicious hot pot cuisine. Its strong strength and good reputation of the franchise to improve economic benefits is very favorable,.

in different cities, different regions, Sichuan hot pot and other investment costs are also inconsistent. In municipalities and special economic zones, to join the Hot pot Chuan arrogant fee is 70 thousand yuan per year, the brand use fee is 4%; in the capital city and developed city franchise fee is 60 thousand yuan per year, the brand was used in 3%; medium-sized city, prefecture level city and county-level city franchise fee is 50 thousand yuan per year, the usage rate of the brand 2% in the county of Sichuan; pride joining fee is 40 thousand yuan Hot pot every year, brand use fee of 2%. Of course, these amounts are a forecast, the actual amount of investment needs to be based on specific circumstances. Franchisees can look at their own financial situation to make the right decision to join.

More than ten years since the development of

arrogant pot has received a number of honors, but it will not be satisfied with this, but has been the pursuit of greater breakthroughs to meet the needs of all users, the brand will operate better. Sichuan arrogant hot pot headquarters for the major franchisees to provide a comprehensive professional support policies to help franchisees through the shop every stage of operation, so that franchisees can recover the cost as soon as possible, a successful profit.

the above is the simple introduction of Chuan arrogant Hot pot joining fee, the hope can bring some help to you if you start to join, what other aspects of the problem clearly, please see our website in the comments below, the message we will contact with you in the first time.

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