Liucheng a monthly salary of white collar workers to return home entrepreneurship fat

home is now a lot of local governments are advocating a slogan, at the same time, there are a lot of people because of the entrepreneurial environment of the whole hometown is a good, from the big cities to return home for entrepreneurial activities.

8 18, close to noon, Huang Yunxing farms in the sunshine was extraordinarily cool. With the song of a song, more than and 500 black goats are enjoying a delicious lunch. In more than 1 hours of eating, black sheep are in the beautiful music.

"play music to listen to the goat, than when I put to eat, but also very orderly, reduce a lot of fighting situation." To create their own "music feeding method", said Huang Yunxing, closely reasoned and well argued.

in addition to different feeding manners, Huang Yunxing the sheep is very special. The traditional sheep are mostly built on the grounds, but the Yellow Yunxing sheep shed is vacant and built. More than two meters high sheep shed, is built with cement and iron pipes, with the middle of the wooden shelf separated. Sheep are dry and ventilated, easy to clean up the sheep.

2013 in October, Huang Yunxing and his wife to give up and go back to the village of Yongan town of Liucheng County in the East venture home in Qingdao on the yuan monthly income of work. Huang Yunxing put all his savings into the construction of sheep house. However, this crazy behavior was strongly opposed to the family, even by the villagers laugh.

the county pay close attention to the rural youth entrepreneurship Huang Yunxing. More than a year after the start of the Huang Yunxing, the mission has helped him to apply for rural youth entrepreneurship discount loans and Liuzhou youth promotion will be subsidized loans to help him through the entrepreneurial difficulties. In January this year, Huang Yunxing initiated the establishment of Yongfeng sheep breeding professional cooperatives, and rented 20 acres of land in the village, to expand the scale of farming.

"winter 40 yuan per kilogram, the average can only sell 1600 yuan, the net income of a sheep is 1000 yuan." Fat fat in the hair, after Huang won the support of his family, many villagers also want to join the ranks of breeding black goats. Huang Yunxing not only free to the villagers farming technology, also made a long-term plan: "the next step is to mobilize the villagers in the form of cooperatives breeding sheep, led villagers to build up the family fortunes."


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