Two sessions creating a passenger the next tuyere where

create a customer is a hot word in 2015, and in 2016 of the two sessions in the country, the first appearance of a passenger, but also for everyone to explain, stand on the opportunity of the tuyere, entrepreneurs create what. I believe this speech for entrepreneurs will benefit from a look at it!

commercial meaning surplus

the average daily birth of 1.2 companies.

"13th Five-Year" plan draft, to further promote public entrepreneurship peoples to encourage innovation, the main types and development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new model, developing the new engine.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is probably the most exciting words to entrepreneurs. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the 2015 China entrepreneurial psychology survey report shows that respondents who are interested in entrepreneurship to reach 54.5%, 35.5% of people in the next 3 years, the possibility of entrepreneurship.


42 years old from scratch, a school run factory into a domestic beverage giant, the National People’s Congress, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou is the representative of the first generation of entrepreneurs. He said: the third industry contains a lot of entrepreneurial space, entrepreneurs need to find other people did not find opportunities."

"pay attention to entrepreneurial flow, the mobile Internet is a huge" air ", especially the rural internet." National People’s Congress, Lei Jun, founder of millet technology, said, before the big opportunity to dare to go first, the true wisdom of the people will seize the ‘tuyere’."

"entrepreneurship" to "create wealth" may have more. Last year, the country’s first national independent innovation demonstration zone in Beijing Zhongguancun made a beautiful report card: the total income of high-tech enterprises exceeds 4 trillion yuan, reached 2.4 of innovation of science and technology enterprises, an increase of 12.8% and 84.6% respectively.

in "the creation" seems to have a large coffee, entrepreneurial path is not smooth, there must be a rational expectations rather than the impulse of the mind, there must be plenty of preparation rather than a whim. Do not think that the 10 companies can be successful entrepreneurial 9, do not think that today’s investment and entrepreneurship, the next year recommended

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