After the Republic of China will be able to buy duty free Korean cosmetics

go to Korea, how can there be less purchasing, purchasing cosmetics, purchasing electronic products really malicious crazy, but these crazy has been difficult to continue, this is why? Because the birth of China ROK fta. China South Korea FTA after the entry into force, we will be able to buy duty-free Korean cosmetics in China, in addition to what benefits? Let’s have a look.

in Chinese enjoy authentic "Korean pickled cabbage"

with signed a free trade agreement, will continue to optimize the investment environment and policy, mutual exchange of film and TV culture will be more convenient.   South Korean film and television level to be higher than the level of Chinese film and television, which should be the consensus of the industry and outside. Therefore, in the introduction of film and television, for a period of time, will be maintained by South Korea into China one-sided situation. This not only meets the needs of the majority of Korean fans for Korean drama, but also in the long term to stimulate the transformation of China’s TV drama market

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