Feng Shui shop location of the two open to avoid narrow

we talked about one of the location of the Feng Shui shop, the main is to pay attention to a lot of problems, here we again from another aspect to be considered, is open from avoiding narrow, here Xiaobian to introduce specific, see with your mind!

Feng Shui in the choice of the house address, being in front of the open, accept eight party angry, this business and pay attention to attract visitors to the Quartet meeting. According to this principle, select the address of the shop, the shop front should also consider their requirements without any obstructions, such as walls, poles, billboards and large eyes and trees etc..

emphasizes the shop door open, can make the store for the Quartet, not only to store the broad field of vision, and in the far shoppers and pedestrians can see the pavement, so conducive to the dissemination of information goods square store management to the customer, to pedestrians. Feng Shui to pass this information, called the flow of gas, with the flow of gas, it will be vibrant. From the business point of view, the customer and the pedestrian to the store’s merchandise information, it may come to buy.

can be said in the commodity business activities, and not to transfer commodity information, no customers, no customers, no business. Today, the prevalence of commodity advertising, is fancy in the activities of commodity management, the importance of commodity information transmission.

choice in a narrow place to set up shop, or in front of the store has a variety of covers, is not conducive to commercial business activities. The store’s narrow, or the store was blocked by a variety of objects, the store can not be far away from the commodity information, so it is bound to store the commodity business activities confined to a small area and a small range. Limited operating space, can not expect a large economic benefits. It will take a long time to change the situation with a flexible management approach.

This is the

for narrow, or block of shops, election strategies are four points, one is to dismantle the shop before the shelter, the store revealed; two is to narrow and can not change, the increase of store brand is high, the local Zhang eye can far see through three; >

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