Beijing earns 600 thousand a year he chose to return home

is now more and more young people to start a business, Suzhou guy Liu Xinchun began to dig the first barrel of gold from the high school, then give up Beijing 300 thousand annual salary to Hefei entrepreneurship, has run two companies, become peers has become an independent school.

for a year just graduated from the University of young people, career has just started, does not even have a girlfriend. But Liu Xinchun, a rural family from Suzhou, has been married and has a son of three. In "you" after more than a year, Beijing earned about 600000. Now, in order to take care of the family, Liu Xinchun returned to Hefei to set up a fast car insurance center and a cultural painting company. Although I do not know what will happen in the future, but I believe that as long as the right now, it will be successful."

for founding the training class   high school was repetition

1989 was born in Liu Xinchun, was born in rural Suzhou, he was very obsessed with painting since childhood, saved a week pocket money, all used in the comic book. High school in order to enter the dream of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, once went to Hangzhou art training for one year. The end of training after returning home, he finds himself in the town there are few fine arts training class, so he started training, teach local primary and junior secondary school students studying art, because the business delay of learning, he was also the school behind a year.

"was against him do training, have not graduated from high school is thinking about money, a job." Liu Xinchun’s father told reporters that the family was against him, but he still insisted on entrepreneurship, who can not stop.

"training in the first year with sixty or seventy children, although the delay of learning, but found through town entrepreneurs to help children learn art, feel more meaningful than money." Second years he continued to call friends, in addition to training art, but also to teach Chinese, mathematics, enrolled more than 200 children.

"finally earned fifty thousand dollars, this is my first pot of gold." Liu Xinchun told reporters, when high school students are still in the classroom, he has begun his own entrepreneurial path.

Beijing for more than a year to earn about 600000

"when the University of popular Tianjin TV career challenge programs" for you ", and often roommate watching, think of their future job more useful." Liu Xinchun told reporters, when watching the program always feel that players do not behave like a roommate, you go on your ah, do not talk to stimulate him. So he sent a resume to the program group, did not respond for six months, which once became a joke of roommates.

but half a year later, Liu Xinchun finally received a notice to participate in the program, "thought SMS fraud." After auditions, interviews, 200 people eventually only appeared in the TV on the 3. By virtue of Liu Xinchun

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