Companies do not step on the nternet marketing minefield

now the Internet has been developed, has a great impact on all walks of life. More and more companies choose to do network marketing. However, many companies are just blindly follow the tide of network marketing, and did not make detailed plans, as everyone knows, this is taboo to do network marketing. Enterprise network marketing to succeed, these minefields can not step!

1, network marketing is not planned to launch

2, website construction and design light application

corporate website is a part of developing network marketing is very important. However, in fact, most companies do not play the role of the site should be the role of network marketing. This is inseparable from the understanding of the enterprise website construction. Part of the site construction service providers also blindly cater to the preferences of the enterprise, in the form of great effort, pull up the cost of site construction, as well as internal functions and marketing applications do not go further.

3, blindly spam marketing, information group

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