Female entrepreneurship public micro film calendar held in Zhejiang University appreciation

entrepreneurs will always be full of vitality and innovative spirit, female entrepreneurs is to show their own unique charm of women with different tenacity and innovation. Recently, a story about the story of female college students entrepreneurship micro film held at the Zhejiang University appreciation.

2015 in the evening of October 22nd, the female entrepreneurship public micro film "calendar" appreciation will be held at the two floor, multi functional hall, Zhejiang University Science Park conference center. The development research center of the Hangzhou city deputy director and Secretary General Wu city will promote Changhong, Hangzhou film and Television Association Secretary General Que Yunxia, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Secretary General industry Vice Minister of animation and Game Association Liu Heng, Deputy Minister of Hangzhou municipal Party committee Wang Xiaohao, a famous film producer, film director Liang Jie and the creative team and outstanding entrepreneurs attended the event, share the event.

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