What is the difficulty of of entrepreneurship

in the current venture market, the has undoubtedly become a lot of people will choose a way. In fact, the is the first business of the site operation, shop management after a new form of entrepreneurship. Most of the entrepreneurs are engaged in the IT industry of young people, so the is also a pioneering entrepreneurial form. However, there are many difficulties in the same entrepreneurship. So, what are the difficulties of the business?

venture financing difficult

1, no ability to write a business plan VC (Vc firm) Company ignore you.

when you are looking for funding, each investor needs you have detailed business plan, and the plan book includes: cost, growth potential, competitive environment analysis, market analysis, market positioning, price positioning, profitability analysis, financing plan, competitive advantage analysis, promotion team, etc. the.

2, no business management experience VC companies ignore you.

in an enterprise CEO decision directly affects the life and death of enterprises, if there is no actual business management experience. Or as we would like to start a business on the Internet, it also requires considerable experience, which includes: organization, planning, implementation, control.

3, no profit VC ignore you

domestic real angel investment is very small, that is, the amount of investment in the 10-50W between VC. And there is a fatal, that they are generally cast in the middle of the project that the project has a hope of profit or profit is really poor, less timely assistance!

4, no team VC ignore you

I think a lot of people know that there is a difference between the Chinese and the Japanese is that China is a dragon, a group of people are insects, while the Japanese on the contrary. A lot of VC companies are asking about your project when it comes to your team! Everybody knows.

5, there is no good project VC ignore you

I’m here to say even if you have a good project, you have reached four, VC is still not ignoring you, because you do not know how to manage operation, how many good products come out every day, but really can be set up to the market? Not in the product but in people, in the team, is the management of the operation!!!! The same type of site, the same period of time to enter the market, the same input, and some sites have the opposite profit! If we set up a team, we have all kinds of talent, we work together, is not more organic >

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