Chinese smokers reach 316 million per person per day to smoke 15 cigarettes

according to the latest survey by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, China has 316 million smokers, smoking an average of 15.2 cigarettes per person per day. In addition, smoking in public places has declined.

The center of disease prevention and control China released the "

China’s smoking rate compared with five years ago did not change significantly, 27.7%. Among them, the male smoking rate was 52.1%, and the female was 2.7%. Compared with 2010, the exposure rate of secondhand smoke in indoor workplaces and public places was decreased. The workplace secondhand smoke exposure rate from 60.6% to 54.3%; government buildings fell from 54.9% to 38.1%; medical institutions decreased from 36.8% to 26.9%; primary and secondary schools (indoor and outdoor) decreased from 34.6% to 17.2%; the restaurant fell from 87.6% to 76.3%.

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