Family farm a new way for rural development

in the country called for the development of venture capital in rural areas under the policy, rural areas are actively expanding business channels, looking for new baked. Family farm business model on the traditional mode of planting has been improved and upgraded, a lot of people start to choose.

2013, in2010the no.1files, encourage and support the contracted land transfer to professional large, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives, become one of the highlights of the agricultural development in recent years, it is one of the hot words of media attention.

is the main way to promote family farm agricultural development

in foreign countries, especially in some European countries, the family unit engaged in agricultural production and operation of the phenomenon is very common, its development has been more than 100 years, the family farm has become one of the main ways to promote agricultural development. Where the family farms generally have a vast land, with the production and operation of the management model is also maturing, showing a high degree of mechanization, large-scale, intensive and other characteristics.

throughout these foreign family farm development can be found as follows: the relative concentration of the experience of building and land lease system, the separation of land ownership and use rights, business scale and organizational forms, production specialization, agricultural production technology and mechanization of agriculture, government support and so on.

Some of these


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