2016 college entrance examination electronic records of 6 states on behalf of what

2016 college entrance examination has been a complete end, the candidates have been basically completed the volunteer, and even the first batch are likely to get the admission notice. For each candidate, the status of electronic files may be different. Examinees achieve a batch control scores and fill in the corresponding batch of volunteers, so the batch of admission, candidates can be admitted according to the Provincial Education Examination Yuan announced the channel state information query, query their own admission.

In this

, the candidates query to the electronic files of the state may have freedom to vote "has been" Toudang institutions in the "read" pre tuidang "pre admission" admission "and other 6 kinds of state. What do these states mean? Candidates should pay attention to what issues? July 13th, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the college entrance examination in Sichuan.

said: the freedom to vote or other candidates did not meet the requirements of the electronic archives Toudang, do not throw out; or reach Toudang requirements of electronic archives cast out but do not meet the conditions of college admission and tuidang.

in the free to vote state that the candidates are not admitted to the batch of schools, candidates should pay close attention to the collection of the same batch of volunteer time and timely reporting of volunteers, so as not to miss the opportunity.

has Toudang scores and other aspects: candidates to university Toudang, the field of college admission will vote for candidates of electronic archives institutions, but institutions haven’t download candidates electronic files.

is already Toudang "state indicates that the electronic archives have cast candidates, candidates should pay attention to the investment of school archives query.

institutions in reading: means that the school has downloaded the candidates after the electronic file is reviewing the candidates file. In the process, according to the college enrollment charter published admission rules into the files of candidates for professional arrangement, and to determine the "pre admission" or "pre tuidang" list of candidates, but has not yet been determined whether or not the official admission.

said: tuidang pre university according to the rules of school admission admission, reasons for the low grades and do not obey the professional swap or physical examination, scores can not be admitted candidates, make "pre tuidang" is ready to return, and to the field of college admission, submit the "pre tuidang" candidates for electronic archives record inspection audit. For each of the "pre tuidang" candidates, colleges and universities will indicate tuidang reasons, agreed by the audit inspection group can reverse admission.

in the "College Reading" and "pre tuidang" state, candidates must pay attention to their communication in communication with the college entrance examination is smooth, this process, if necessary, college entrance examination or admission field may contact with the candidates, once missed opportunity, may cause irreparable damage to the candidates.

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