Over the years many characteristics of Hunan Mangshan Yao characteristics

in life a lot of people eager to break the boring life, want to let the Spring Festival is not the same, the Hunan is a good choice! "The Spring Festival hot springs, featured Yao’s years, our hotel popularity particularly busy, more than 2 thousand people a day stay, a variety of special activities maxed out my circle of friends!" In February 3rd, Hunan province Yizhang County Mangshan Forest The Springs Hotel marketing director Yuan Leipeng introduced over the years, Yao eat 18 bowls of bubble hot spring, mountain view, Yao Chun Yan, on New Year’s Eve show, grab red lantern riddles, kwanwu rime ice hanging, bustling.

this year the Spring Festival Golden Week, the rise of temperature, the weather is fine, has provided good conditions for tourism travel, as the back garden of Guangdong Mangshan nature become the first choice of the people. During the Spring Festival Golden Week, in order to promote the tourism marketing of the scenic area, strengthen the safety inspection, to strengthen the festive atmosphere, creating distinctive activities to attract tourists, the hotel also carried out some marketing planning, such as forest The Springs Hotel launched snow carnival theme activities, let visitors from the vision, hearing, taste and other sensory the festive atmosphere. At the same time, Chenzhou tourism resources integration alliance started and Guangdong Institute of clinical medicine Mangshan Forest hot spring health rehabilitation base stationed in Mangshan, form of joint marketing, drive the development of tourism.

features of Yao, Hunan Mangshan characteristics, attracted a large number of tourists in the market, everyone respected, number of people in the future there is still much room for growth! According to preliminary statistics, the first to achieve a "good start" the golden week scenic spot during the Spring Festival, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao tourists accounted for about 80%, followed by Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi passengers, Fujian, Hubei tourists also increased; driving growth, the mainstream, accounting for more than 90%. Scenic reception larger increase, a total of 6 million tourists received a total of 56 thousand passengers, an increase of 15%, to achieve a comprehensive income of $, an increase of 20%.

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