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as we Chinese on street cries will help the ravioli be warm Italy, Taiwan and Taiwan people’s burdens. Taro’s voice has become a profound memory of their childhood. In Taiwan, taro and burn is the most traditional folk delicacy, is Taiwan people’s passion for food, is the global Chinese dessert plot. Immortal taro to bring not only the enjoyment of the people, but also a yearning, homesickness, acacia. Immortal taro legend store is a traditional folk snacks in the brand innovation.

said that the nine Taiwan, people in addition to think of Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Hayao Miyazaki, as well as immortal legend. This made from the taro in the hands of every kind of folk dessert, Q lubricating mouthfeel, unique flavor, collocation rice starch pearls, adding special red bean soup, grass jelly, chew the delicate taste even can feel coarse fine particles. Stone streets, ancient decoration shops, on the clear cries, my beauty, nine mountain immortal taro has a strange taste, immortal taro legend will be derived from here.

told us in history, and clouds, rely on the hands of creation is really simple. The Yanhua do wash the elegant simplicity, be away from the hubbub, in every product of the immortal taro legendary, you can get the feel for. Taiwan immortal taro legend, from history, through the details of the improvement, and gradually into the international brand of the big stage to go.

immortal taro legend join condition:

1, a natural person or legal person with independent capacity for civil liability;

2, no criminal record, a sense of responsibility, dedication, a man to do things steady progress, wealth and success is of desire;

3, with a certain entrepreneurial start-up funds, and family members agree and support, confidence and common development and growth.

4, with the concept of brand management and brand culture, there is a good entrepreneurial venture;

5, accept the supervision and supervision of the company, to comply with the brand management standards, and consciously safeguard the legend of the immortal taro legend brand reputation.

the immortal taro legendary franchise fee is how much? A lot of immortal taro legend with the intention of people want to know, but the headquarters did not of the immortal taro legendary franchise fee to publish, but the store is divided into creative shops, fashion stores, flagship stores, stores four types of boarding. Joining fee will be based on the actual situation, such as geographical, business district and other factors, the investment program will be different, the investment costs ranging from a few million.

above is a small series of fairy taro legend joined the conditions and the cost of joining the simple introduction, I hope you will bring some help to join, if you have anything else

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