Do business need to have credibility

reputation two words, said simple, different operators will be different degree of attention. However, if a shop does not pay attention to credibility, want business hot, I am afraid more difficult. Through the public hot shrimp price event, reminds me of the early days of the first shop. Due to the contact of a single supplier, suppliers, I always believe that they sell their goods in order to quickly sell, regardless of the credibility of the sale. And I believe them, that new products only own store only, in order to quickly return the funds, in some strange new commodity on a fee doubled twists and turns.

was near the end of the year, it is the store’s peak season. A supplier in the city, from the field to Amoy to a number of well-known brands of high-end gift box, we know that the market price of high-end gifts generally less stable. Suppliers have repeatedly promised to me, only one of the surrounding towns I have this brand, although you can rest assured that the sale price is not related to a little higher. I tried to sell it at a higher price than the market. Come to buy gifts are old customers, acquaintances good talk, they are very confident of me. A few days down, sales have been on the rise.

I was satisfied when sales, customers come to discuss the statement, said the gift in a super sales, the price is cheaper than the store your special offer, how can you sell so expensive? I lied that the model may be different, and said that if the next store to buy this product, I can ask the manufacturer to the preferential price. Although sent away the customer, the eyes look at these gift box sales are no longer the same as the previous sales of large, before visiting the gift box of the old customers do not come shopping.

But the price of selling gift box

through this experience, I understand that the customer is fool, fool yourself. Obviously write special sales, in fact, there is no special sales. The price difference is not great, the total makes people feel fooled, deceived consumption in general. Negligence, luck psychological sales of goods, over time, it will give consumers unhappy factors, that the owner is not a good faith management, and no longer patronize here, so that visitors stay.

on the contrary, I have had the experience of being slaughtered. Years ago, had a family headed home to one of the tourist attractions along the way to play, interest, hate not all the beautiful scenery in the whole collection of the camera, so that the day after slowly enjoy this beautiful moment. In one of the attractions, the hometown of a special snack aroused our interest. We walk a few people, a person to sit down a bowl of "sad".

a bowl of "broken" in the market just a few dollars, did not expect to pay the bill, but higher than the market price several times, people in the journey, can only be trampled upon. The mood of the play is also dropped to the bottom, did not let this bowl "sad" spoil the mood of the play, let us feel very hurt".